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Completing the form above will allow a BU Representative to contact you and answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule your session during this time as well. All videos will be shot with HD cameras and cut into small clips that showcase the player’s skill set. The quickest way to turn off a college coach is to add music to your videos. None of our videos will have music. They will be straight to the point. The Athengine package is a great way to show a non-biased view of a player metrically. You cannot fudge these numbers. College coaches trust metrics that come straight from machines. The total package is the best way to showcase your skills because we take video of the player while flightscope is recording their activities. So, college coaches get to view the current video with the metrics. Why is this important? They get to see if players are over throwing or over swinging in order to obtain higher velocities off the bat and/or pitching. They want controlled, athletic movements that produce desired metrics. 

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