Logan Scheu – A True Pitcher And His Commitment To PHSC

#JUSTBU    #BthebestU FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+Author: Joey Johnston -In a pitching world where one question seems dominant — “What’s your velo?’’ — right-hander Logan Scheu is a throwback. He thrives with an economy of pitches. He gets outs....

Michael Blackwood JR – D1 Commit and BU-Lifer

#JUSTBU    #BthebestU FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+Author: Joey Johnston - Steinbrenner High School infielder Michael Blackwood Jr., seemed genuinely stumped when asked to identify his best quality as a baseball player. “Really hard to say,’’ he...

Jamie Arnold – FSU Commit That Defied All Odds

#JUSTBU    #BthebestU FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+Author: Joey Johnston - The progress of Baseball University left-handed pitcher Jamie Arnold mirrors the speed of his fastball. It’s rapid. It’s surprising. It’s overpowering. Arnold, a Class of...

Zach Showalter – USF Commit and 5 Tool Player

#JUSTBU    #BthebestU FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+Author: Joey Johnston - Wesley Chapel High School sophomore Zack Showalter has the physical size, power hitting, pitching velocity and intangibles that are necessary to become an impact...

College Commitments

Fall and Winter College Camps

High School Program


To continue the development of high school players to be prepared for the demands of High School and ultimately College/Pro baseball.  The program will build on specific baseball skills required for success at the college/professional level while simultaneously learning and applying the best mental training and conditioning practices for healthy strength and speed development. This will be done in a professional, disciplined, competitive, and measured atmosphere with professional technologies and elite coaching. 


Our High School Baseball Program consists of Summer and Fall Tournament Teams, Summer Training Program, and a Winter Training Program. Each season has a slightly different purpose, but the Baseball University program is always centered around player development. The summer and fall season give Baseball University an outlet to play against top competition from around the United States in majors tournaments such as Perfect Game, Prospect Wire, Prospect Select, PBR and more. We carefully fit each team into the tournaments we see fit. To be a part of our summer and fall tournament teams, one must go through our identification process – a tryout. Once identified as a good fit to the team, the player will begin the boarding process and be set up for the upcoming season. All players will have a vigorous training program for the season, especially the summer.

Summer Training Programs

Our summer program is also open to players who wish to just train with our elite coaching staff. We have had many players do this in the past, including Major D1 scholarship players to players who didn’t make their high school baseball teams. In the end, this is where the true value is at.

College Camps

College baseball camps are a great way to learn from some of the top colleges in the nation as well as gain exposure in a controlled environment. Every camp is different and set up in a way to give players a great experience. From D1 specific camps, to JUCO/D2 camps that target the upperclass players, we make sure there is value there for each player and their needs. All camps are educational and centered around player development. 

Winter Training Program

Our winter training program consists of mostly hitting and defense. This is a time where players need a break from the mound, so we have developed a program that will build a players arm up for their spring high school tryouts. The 2 biggest mistakes players make is (1) they never take a break for their arm or (2) they take a break and don’t properly build their arm back up. Our arm program will focus on fixing these two issues by providing a structured program that pitchers can follow. All position players will hit and develop defensive skills with limited throwing depending on the individual. Everyone is different, so there is no blanket program. 

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